People come,
only to leave someday.
They occupy spaces
just to leave it vacant someday.

People flow,
like an unexpected breeze
embracing parts of you
you thought didn’t exist,
and leave like a storm
pulling your heart out of your chest
and taking it away as it goes.

People get attached,
just to detach themselves someday.
Like mantras they arrive
like prayers they depart,
without you knowing
even if you don’t open your lips.

People get to know you,
love the parts of you
you thought were too ordinary to acknowledge
and then slowly start the un-knowing
until you turn into strangers
who just know a lot about each other.

People make you smile,
laugh your gut off,
make you roll on the floor laughing
just to make you weep
on the same floor someday.
They make you cry out of laughter,
they make you cry out of sorrow,
but they do make you cry.

People are of all kinds,
some like salt
some like cheese.
Some stay there for you,
not being noticed
but enhancing every moment.
Some are just there on the top,
making things look tempting
even when it increases your blood pressure.

People make you learn things
you thought were “out of your league”
and make you leave things
you thought were the “essentials”.

People make parts of you
which you choose
to give in their hands.
People break parts of you
which you choose
to give in their hands.

People love you,
they hate you.
They make you happy,
they make you sad.
But the thing they always do is..
either by circumstances or by death.

However, in the end,
they’re just people.
That’s how they are
and that’s how you accept them.

– The Learner.

Thank You.



You know,
in split seconds between split seconds
in moments between moments
everything slows down…

When everything slows down,
you pay attention to much more things
than you normally do.

Slowing down,
I see the dry leaves flying,
detaching themselves from the tree
the tree which can’t nurture it anymore
flying away to a place unplanned
with no direction whatsoever.
I want to be like that leaf.

Slowing down,
I see concrete rocks,
lying on the road
sitting unaffected by nothing or no one,
neither waiting for anyone to come
nor waiting to go anywhere,
just there
lying in the space
lying in that moment.
I want to be like that rock.

Slowing down,
I see the birds,
some flying together
making beautiful patterns in the sky,
some travelling alone
to expanses
even they themselves can’t fathom.
I want to be like those birds.

Slowing down,
I feel the breeze,
I see it moving
I smell its fragrance
taking a part of everything it comes across
to places that are unknown by the humanity,
travelling miles and miles
to touch the horizon
knowing that it never actually will
but just the act of moving towards it
brings solace to her.
I want to be like the wind.

Slowing down,
I see the sky,
so vast so endless
but seems so close,
just up there on it’s own
existing in its eternal independence,
with or without anything beneath it.
I want to be like that sky.

Slowing down,
I walk on the road,
observing the nature
and then observing humans,
the traffic,
the tension,
the haste.

Always in a hurry
to get to another place
without savouring the moment
we’re already living.

Running in races not meant for us
crying for things that won’t matter,
so desperate to reach the destination
that we forget to enjoy the journey,
only to realise later
that our destination was our journey
and the journey, our satisfaction.

Slowing down,
I realise that we’re caught
in the vicious circle of getting results
by ourselves and by others,
the results
which not always result into anything
but always result into misery
for not being able to bring any results.

Slowing down,
I realise that sometimes
it’s better to let go of expectations
and breathe in
for the sole purpose of
sometimes freeing yourself
with the shackles of getting results
is the greatest bliss we can feel.

– The Learner.

Thank you.

You don’t need the best woofers to dance your ass off!


So today, the weather was really good. It feels blissfull when the cool breeze touches you from everywhere. Plus, good edm. What else would anyone want? Without giving any shit whatsoever, I was dancing in the patio like a total freak!
It was the very moment when I realised that how much was I enjoying..enjoying that imperfect, un-ideal moment. The patio isn’t the best place for dancing neither the sound quality of my phone is impeccable..but the moment somehow, was. Really was.
I’ve always loved parties with loud music, dance floor, disco lights and stuff. What would a perfect dance party be? Night out with your best pals in a classy disco with some tequila shots and hot dresses. That’s what we think of perfect, right? (or the mainstream perfect at least)
But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe those perfect moments aren’t that perfect for us.
Let’s say you’ve been dreaming about this flawless wedding of yours, all your life. The white gown, rose decor, satin seat covers, lavender fragrance. But who said that you won’t enjoy that drunk messy wedding in Vegas?
For you, the perfect date is a beautiful candle light dinner in an expensive restaurant with Michelin star chefs and irresistable food. But who said that you won’t love the street side fast food you ate sitting on the road, under the stars? 
Maybe you think that the perfect job is the 9 to 5 one with fat monthly pays, incentives, perks, business trips, suits and ties.
But what makes you think that making those wildlife documentaries isn’t your thing?
Most of us spend our lives or imagining the “perfect scenarios” and get disappointed when our real life isn’t close to it. We spend our lives waiting for those perfect moments ignoring what we have now, the imperfect but real moments. We keep yearning for the imaginary situations we’ve made in our head and during which we forget to make the best out of what we actually have, the present.
This post is to make you realise that probably you don’t need the best woofers or the crazy lights to dance your ass off. You could have more fun in that pyjama party with your best buds.
Maybe you don’t need to have perfect moments to have the best of experiences. Maybe your perfect is not the same as the mainstream perfect. Maybe this is your moment, imperfect..but the best for you.
Or maybe..there are no perfect moments, just imperfect us in imperfect moments falling perfectly into place.

Thank you for you time. Feedbacks appreciated.

The Learner.

Don’t keep calm

” Dear diary,

Couldn’t sleep till 4 yesterday night. You know me pretty well and how my nights are engulfed by my thoughts. I was just thinking that I’ve been doing pretty cool these days. I’ve been very *fine* and *okay* about whatever’s happening around me. I’m in a constant state of denial that any of those things are really affecting me. No matter what, somehow I just convince myself that this is how the world goes, that this is how the people are and nothing’s gonna change so don’t pay much attention to it. And just like this, I stay away from all the drama.
But is this what I want? Staying away from drama all my life? And what is a life that is always calm and composed?
These questions were all through my mind last night. And yes, I know that people around the world rather practice themselves to be cool in as many situations as possible. But I realised that I’m not one of them. I’m hysteric, filled with excitement, drama and emotions. For me, every moment of life is an adventure that deserves enough attention. I’m not saying that I’ll roam around like a mad man but I can’t deny that I do have a lil bit of psychopathic streak. I am a lil bit insane.
What if years later I realise that I finally found the person that was worth fighting or the job that was worth kicking someone’s ass but I didn’t because I was too calm to do anything immature or stupid..or rather scared of doing something unconventional. I don’t what that kind of regrets in my life.
Thankfully, I’ve realised it pretty soon that I can’t always keep calm. And the fun part is that I don’t even need to. I can act a lil mad sometimes, it’s okay to do that. Because sometimes in life, we find something or someone that makes us crazy, makes our arteries filled with fire rather than blood, makes us somewhat of a lunatic. But hell, what are we saving our energy for? What are we saving our madness for? Certainly not for our graves.
So yeah, I’ve decided to stay insane for things that really matter, for the the things that really are worth it.
I thank myself for this realisation. I hope I won’t disappoint me.

P.S. Not gonna keep calm, cuz what’s life without a lil bit of frenzy?

That’s it for now. Bye!”

~diaries of the anonymous soul~

The Learner.

Thank you for reading. Feedbacks awaited and appreciated.


Often we want those things the most which we can’t have.
Wanna know what I can’t have?
Freedom to live, freedom to be,
freedom of life, freedom to be free.

For once one could imagine to live without
love, acceptance and affection,
but to “live” without freedom
is one hell of a task!

Living without freedom is
no short of a living hell.
Where all you want is to scream,
but have no voice for it.
Where all you want is to fly,
but have no wings for it.
Where all you want is to breathe,
but have no energy for it.

But there are times when I feel free,
times like right now,
when I’m alone in this shady corner of my room
but my mind soars high.

There are times when I sit beside my window,
gazing the sky, the limitless azure,
seeing how the birds fly wherever they want
with no restrictions binding them to shackles,
with no norms prohibiting their carefree existence.

And often do I see birds chirping out there,
kissing and “making love” like no one’s watching.
Used to irritate me a lot, until now.
Because now, I’ve realised
that yes, I’m not able to reach the love
the world has contained for me
but the love has reached me,
in one way or the other.

There are times when I sneak out to the terrace,
admiring the clouds and their vagueness,
adoring the lovely formations
that make a beautiful scenery up there,
a scenery that is nothingness for some
but a story for others,
others like me.

And it’s utterly beautiful,
how none of the fluffs are made to exist
in circles or triangles or rectangles.
It’s beautiful how they’re let lose
and how they become whatever they want
even if it’s abstract,
even if it’s messy,
even if it’s incomprehensible.

There are times when, late night
I quietly walk over to the patio
and stare the celestials, spellbound.
Seeing how the moon is loved
no matter how complete or incomplete it is,
seeing how the stars are loved,
no matter if they’re constellations or not.

And times like these make me realise,
that our world, our nature,
conveys just one thing –

Times like these make me realise,
that there are a lot of people out there
who are deprived of this birthright.
Times like these make me realise,
how surreal the world is and how
some of us are imprisoned from embracing it.

But all these times,
have made me realise one more thing,
that this isn’t it,
that the story doesn’t end here,
that the fate doesn’t get to decide,
I get to decide the fate.

And I decide that all this will end real soon.
I don’t expect any help from God
or some other human being,
because this is my battle
and so is the victory.

Until now,
the world has reached me.
But from now,
I will reach the world,
because freedom is yet to be taken
and life is yet to be lived.

I won’t give up, just yet.
And I know you won’t too.

– The Learner.

Thank you for your time. Hope you liked it. Feedbacks awaited and appreciated.


Hey guys! Lately I haven’t been posting much. Maybe because the feelings were too weak to be realised..or maybe too strong to be controlled. Today hasn’t been much cheerful. Nothing specific, just mood swings, massive mood swings.

It is quite weird. It’s like your mind is shouting you to get up, see the positive things in life, do something while your body barely has the energy to move. Well anyway, I’ll keep discussing my problems for another day.

But today, I just realised something.

I realised that it’s okay to feel our feelings. 

I realised that no matter how illogical or nonsensical we may find our feelings, but eventually they are feelings. They deserve to be felt. You will find a lot of people in life who will give you lectures on how there are so many people out there facing things we couldn’t even imagine, how difficult conditions they’re going through and how we’re just being a “pussy” ( I don’t even get the logic behind using that word).
But believe me, your feelings aren’t meant to be compared to someone else’s. You don’t need to feel embarrassed by they way you feel or what you feel.

Yes, your problems may be “unimportant” in the view of some and of course there are bigger issues in the world like terrorism, global warming, corruption and all of it and of course your family problems, financial crisis are nothing compared  to it.

But wait..what is the need of comparing?

There are 7 billion people on this earth and so there 7 billion stories. Your story is your story , whose writer only you can be and no one else. It can be silly, it can be stupid, it can be dramatic but eventually, it is  yours. 

You don’t owe the world a justification for how you feel. 

Yes, there are people out there fighting for freedom while you’re upset over your grades, there are people out there who don’t get a two time meal while you’re crying over your break up, there are people out there who’re battling for their lives while you’re attempting suicide “just because” your parents don’t love you enough. But none of them would ever tell you to stop feeling your feelings because they have problems “bigger” than yours.

What we need to learn from all these warriors out there is not stopping to feel things over the so called worthless issues..but to feel them with the utmost intensity and come out conquering them.

They don’t teach us to become insensitive over small little things in life but to not get broken in front of the biggest of them. Ignoring their feelings is the sign of a weak person. They don’t teach us to be weak. They teach us to be strong, to be warriors,  just like them.

So next time, if some dipshit tells you that you’re stupid for feeling a certain way, just know that they don’t deserve any of your precious fucks.

You’re a beautiful person. Don’t hesitate to feel it.

The Learner.

Would appreciate all kinds of feedbacks. Thank You!

Let’s get our leg broken

There was this girl,

a girl that was afraid too much,

too much from everything around her.

Around her was a world,

a world that was way too beautiful yet the most cruel.

So cruel that it didn’t let her love,

love no person, love no being

no scenario, no scene.

This scene led her to lock herself up in a small little room.

A room that protected her from everything that could hurt her,

hurt her in a way she could never recover from.

From there, she led a way of loneliness,

loneliness that existed because of her walls,

walls that stood too high,

so high that they didn’t allow anyone to peep.

To peep was beyond possibility,

but she didn’t lose her expectation,

expectation that told her that someone would leap someday.

But that someday took too long,

too long that she became restless,

restless so much that she hit the  bed and broke her leg,

her leg that broke despite the safety measures she followed.

She followed them day and night and ended up being hurt,

being hurt so much that she realized something,

something that said life isn’t some jewellery she could protect,

protect from the people, protect from the world,

the world that had both..filth and beauty,

beauty that outweighed the filth,

filth that taught the lessons that beauty never could.

Never could life be treated as jewellry because it was actually a river,

a river that kept flowing in the direction of hope,

hope that wouldn’t be there if the water was stagnant,

stagnant just like she was in the little house,

the little house that somehow protected her from the bad but also pushed away all the good,

the good for which life exists.

Life exists to take risks,

to take risks and love recklessly,

so recklessly that every second feels like a lifetime,

a lifetime more beautiful than anyone could imagine.

Imagine a life with shackles, with chains,

chains that wouldn’t let us fly, wouldn’t let us experience.

But experience reaches us no matter what.

No matter what she got her leg broken,

broken even when it remained protected,

so protected she couldn’t even enjoy the life she was meant to live.

Living like that made her realise that no matter how we live, in the end, we’re gonna get the leg broken.

So she broke too, her bondage from that house and those chains and shouted –

Let’s speak the unspoken,
let’s get affected!
Let’s get our leg broken,
let’s live unprotected!

Thank you for reading!

The Learner. ❤



This is for all those who’re having a hard time with their lives. I know you’re having problems. I know it’s difficult to cope up. I know being optimistic is tough. And let’s just agree that life isn’t a movie. You don’t always have a lover or a best friend beside you in your hardships. And I kind of know how it is when you’re feeling drained and there’s no one to cheer you up. It sucks. This post is totally meant for me to tell you that THINGS ARE GOING TO BE BETTER. I wish I could hug you and say that, but I can’t. So just know, that every word in this post is 100% genuine. I’m not giving fake hopes. You might’ve problems, big or small (we’re not here to rank them) but they will pass away eventually. When you reach a point where you see nothing but sadness, know that good days are coming. Because when you’ve lost everything, all you can do is gain. I just mean to tell you that you’re a fighter, even if you don’t realise it now. We’re all fighters. Fighting ourselves, fighting our life battles and the person next to us won’t even have a clue of what we’re going through. Maybe because we’re too insecure to open up. But through this, we’ve exchanged hopes without even me knowing who you are or what your problem is. Isn’t that great? This post is to you, for being a great person despite the lemons that life gave you. For not giving up till now. And if you ever feeling like giving up on life, don’t. Don’t even think about it. You weren’t born to die miserably. You were born to live an amazing life. Yes, there are times when that seems like a distant dream. But what’s a dream that can be achieved easily? Friends, we all have our problems, we all feel sad and it’s completely normal to feel such things, we’re humans after all. But allowing your surroundings to get to you and make you let go of your hope is not the solution. Stay. Hold on right now, if you feel weak. Reform the day when you feel strong. But just don’t give up. Because you’re a warrior. And I know you’ll embrace your scars with pride.
I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am. Despite that, I will come out of your computer/mobile/tablet screen and give you a virtual hug and say “You’re there for you. Everything’s gonna be great. Don’t give up”.

I will end this by saying that if you could connect to the post then share the message with someone you think is having a hard time. Give someone the hug you didn’t get. Not a virtual one though, a real one.
And if not, then sharing this post won’t require much of your energy and time but it might give someone their lost hope.

Feel free to share your experiences. Comments awaited.

Thank you.

The Learner. ❤

You can

You can,
yes, you can do whatever you’ve ever imagined.

You can love,
even when you’re broken, bruised,
because you’ve got the heart
that’s no less than a fireball,
a fireball that can evaporate the pacific ocean.

You can smile,
even when you’re lonely, weak,
because you’ve got the courage,
the courage that could take universes down,
because your spirit animal is,
Courage the cowardly dog.

You can let go,
even when you’re exhausted, powerless,
because you’re solitary like a diamond,
a diamond that doesn’t tolerate
stones being thrown at it,
not because they’ll break you, no,
but because you don’t wanna break em.

You can hold on,
even when you’re tired, numb,
because you’ve got a soul,
that could be stabbed a thousand times,
but would still get up and say,
“I’ll help you”,
a soul that could be shattered,
but would recollect itself everytime,
and form a new beautiful mosaic.

You can wait,
even when you’re suicidal,
because you know how precious your life is,
a life that could change a thousand lives,
because life’s like that,
it doesn’t fall together in place at once,
but eventually it will,
and if it doesn’t,
I know you’ve got the guts to make it fall.

You can dream,
even when you can’t sleep,
even when the light seems dark,
you can,
because when you believe in something,
no matter how much the situation sucks,
you’ll find a way out.

You can achieve your dream,
even when you’re broke,
because life tests you at every moment,
but you’re the one that will eventually
write the report card,
you might’ve to sleep on the park benches,
eat once a day, maybe even worse,
but I know you will,
because you can die trying,
but not quitting.

You can fight,
even when you’re ammo-less,
because the biggest weapon you’ve got,
if your faith in yourself,
and I know you have that in abundance,
and that you’re not gonna walk away
until you knock down all those demons.

You can hope,
even when you’re hopeless,
because you know that
your life might suck right now,
but it will get better,
days will get better,
brighter, happier,
no God will help you
or any person,
because you’re the “one and only” of your life,
you’re the one that’s gonna make you live,
you’re the one who will never let go of hope,
and I know, you will.

You can be the employee of the year.
You can become the president of your country.
You can own that cute little dress.
You can break up with your girlfriend.
You can leave your parents.
You can have your business.
You can whatever you want.

You can do, be, have, anything. Because you’ve no idea how great you are. And the day you get that idea, believe that idea and put that idea into undoubtedly will.

Thank you for your patience!

The Learner. ❤

P.S. Friends, never give up on yourself. You’ve always got your back. Always.




While wholeness is demanded today,

there was a love story..

where incompleteness was embraced.

She was the incomplete moon

and he was the gazer,

looking for her

in the seemless void.

Yet their love,

was no short of infinity.

The moon’s presence

was everything to the gazer.

For him,

every phase was an art,

more beautiful than the previous

but not less than the next.

Maybe the moon

could’ve always been full,

but what’s a story

with just one chapter?

Maybe the incompleteness

made the gazer

always looking for more,

always curious,

always excited,

to see what’s next.

Even though

they all were the same for others,

but for him,

every day it was a new moon,

with new craters,

with new shine.

A moon,

he always wanted to


Maybe this continual incompleteness

made her completeness

even more blissfull,

and her departure

even more painful.

Maybe this incompleteness

was the reason behind their

complementary completeness.

A completeness

which wasn’t complete,

without their incompleteness.

Maybe this incompleteness

was what made their love


The love of an

incomplete moon

and a curious gazer.

But today,

we’ve exchanged roles.

We’re all moons,

looking for a gazer.

– The Learner ©