When music becomes noise

“Nothing’s really wrong or sad, but it still kinda is. You know what I mean? Your don’t really have anything to be sad about but still you are. And I don’t even mean sad, exactly. You just feel lost. I feel lost. Can’t concentrate on things for a long while, eating’s just a formality, music is just noise, TV shows are just random pictures, you know. It feels like your body is here but your mind is somewhere else. Or to be precise, your mind wants to be somewhere else, so bad that I can’t even explain. Like it really wants to break all the walls, windows and doors and just escape the hell out of wherever it is! And the most annoying part is that it can’t. It’s caged over there and it just can’t go anywhere else. And probably that’s the reason why I or anyone else feels the way they’re feeling..lost.” #3amThoughts

Thank you for reading!

The Learner. ❤

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